AHA Group was originally a home-based trading company, established in April 2014 by three founders to develop electronic trading and household utilities. At the beginning of the establishment, this business was in the form of a Trade Business under the name of Tiga Serangkai. The name of Tiga Serangkai was chosen because it was founded by three owners and at that time the company traded by cooperating with traditional market, modern market, cooperative, project / tender and also online. Because of its high market potential, by the end of 2014 the company decided to focus on trading online, with two different store names: AHA Store and Tiga Serangkai. The company continues to grow by increasing the number of sales product variants and expanding Online Market. In early 2016 the company expanded its business in the field of expedition by forming CV. TS Citra Mandirijaya in cooperation with leading expeditions such as JNE and Wahana. And in 2017 the company expanded its business by forming PT. AHA Prisma Indonusa and 2 pieces of Trading Company, namely UD. Triple & UD. Nusa Mandiri. Companies are getting more innovative and start doing Import activities / activities in fulfilling the needs of sales products, and in the future will form a community of Importers to facilitate the community in cooperation with other countries to import goods.